1485 - MIG / Stick, Gold Elk Grain

1485 - MIG / Stick, Gold Elk Grain

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Jul 8, 2020
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Great gloves, comfortable and durable.

Advantages: Great fit, durable
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Rebecca Ortiz
Jul 12, 2019
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Durable gloves. Last longer than any other glove I’ve used on the pipeline.

Disadvantages: None
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May 12, 2019
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Before discovering these gloves Tillman 850 was the top of the line for me. As a downhill pipe welder your gloves take serious abuse, and the 850’s were the best I’ve tried. They were pretty standard though, generally loose fitting and the backs would blow out relatively quickly from welding & grinding. I was eager to find something better and wasn’t let down by Caiman. The fit seems like it was tailored, the cuff isn’t nearly as wide as the 850’s which means significantly less slag sneaks in, the backs seem to block more heat, and with the snug fit my fingers can easily grab and handle smaller items with ease. Do yourself a favor, buy one pair, just one pair and try to find a reason not to switch. Worst case scenario your stubbornness won’t allow you to change but you still have a great pair of gloves that will likely outlast your preferred brand. I mean being in the same price range as the competition it’s at least worth a try. I’m sold, after trying one pair I ordered more and plan on staying loyal for life.

Advantages: comfort, fit, dexterity, narrower cuff, heat resistance, “Kontour” (yea, it really makes a difference) & it even comes with a sweet little carabiner.

Disadvantages: They don’t carry these at my local Airgas & Praxair.
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Nathaniel Greenwood
Feb 17, 2019
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Very nice gloves! Not stiff! Can move every finger in them! Very nice stick an mig gloves!

Advantages: Very soft! Can hold a pencil in them

Disadvantages: If too close to heat it will shrink an harden
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Caiman® Store Admin
Nov 12, 2014

The following customer review was posted on Amazon.com by matthew rogers, dated 11/12/14, and is marked as an Amazon Verified Purchase (https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R3LXGE4J16QZN7/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B0085JCR5O)…

My usual choice for premium gloves are Tillman 750L's but since I found the Caiman 1485's are about the same price on Amazon as most other manufacturer's premium glove offerings and I heard they were pretty good, I decided to give them a try.After using them for a month all I can say is wow! The quality of the leather and stitching on these gloves is excellent and the fit is simply amazing. I know they are primarily marketed as a stick/mig glove, but I use them mainly for tig welding pipe. The dexterity these gloves provide is actually better than my tig gloves and the heat protection the insulated backs provide is far superior than what any typical mig or tig glove provides. Pictures don't do them justice, I wasn't convinced until I tried them out - These are so comfortable that I feel like I'm wearing gloves that were custom made just for me. The rough-side-out unlined palms and fingers actually allow enough feel to comfortably feed 1/16' filler rod and that says something about how nice they fit!Notes: These are welted construction so no irritating interior finger seams. I'd consider my hands reasonably normal/medium sized for a guy (size 9 dress glove, size 10 ring finger) but Caiman's 'Large' fits just right so perhaps they are sized slightly on the small side?
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