1878 - MIG / Stick / Specialty Welders, Deerskin, 21"

1878 - MIG / Stick / Specialty Welders, Deerskin, 21"

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Tony Barbour
Dec 14, 2018
Not just for welding - The 21" long 1878 gauntlets are fantastic. My wife and I built an adobe outdoor oven and she needed something that would protect her arms as she used the oven. Internal temperatures can reach upwards to 1500 degrees. These gloves allow us to work effectively moving the fire around inside the oven and the cooking pots as well with out discomfort. Thank you.
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Rodney Raymond
Nov 8, 2018
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These are great gloves from the wrist down. Comfortable forearm padding and good insulation. I think the gauntlet cinch is only minimally effective. From the wrist forward, insulation and durability could be improved. The overlay leather is not thick enough on the back of the hand or the fingertips. The black base material is not durable and and abrades too easily. On my left hand glove, the pinky finger lining has jammed up into the end causing an odd deflection of the fingertip to the right.

Advantages: Cushioning and heat/spark protection of forearm.

Disadvantages: Durability of palm leather. Insufficient back of hand insulation.
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Robert Westfall
Jun 13, 2017
Ordered these gloves a couple weeks back. I use them for mostly stick & MIG. I also use them for carbon arc, plasma cutting and OxyFuel cutting. I absolutely love these gloves. Comfortable and great finger movement, also since I started using them, haven't burned my forearms yet. I will be ordering another pair when the time comes.

Advantages: Finger/Hand movement increased. Picking up rods & gripping things. Heat Protection is amazing.
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Travis Riggs
Jun 9, 2017
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Like the welding gloves except, at the bend of the elbow, I will get sparks in the area. Going to try adding additional leather within that area up the bicep. During a recent job my outside arm was against hot metal and was completely protected from the heat. Typically weld with one glove but glad I purchased the pair, as with differing jobs I have utilized the pair.

Advantages: Heat resistant and quite comfortable.

Disadvantages: Get sparks within the elbow bend area.
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Savanna Barnes
Nov 13, 2014
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I'm waiting until Christmas to give these gloves to my husband. He had shown them to me a few times online and said "that's what I'd like to have for Christmas!!" We have a family rule my mom started when she got married, you're not allowed to buy yourself anything "extra" unless you ask if it's ok, to make sure someone else hasn't gotten it for them. I know my hubby is gonna love them just because he welds a lot and not all the time w/his jacket. So he'll use these until they fall apart. I wish you could see his face when he brings not only these gloves up, but the entire company as well!

Advantages: Just from what he has told me about them and the things that I've read about them, the advantages are going to be peace of mind. Knowing that his arms are protected and that slag would have a hard time getting to him.

Disadvantages: I don't see any disadvantages, we live in central TX and it's almost always HOT, so my husband doesn't always wear his welding jacket, but he has told me that if he had these, he'd wear them until they fell apart lol.
Thanks or making a great product so I don't have to worry about my husband as much!

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Caiman Store Admin
Oct 17, 2014
The following is being used with permission by henrichsen_design_co dated October 17, 2014 via Instagram (http://instagram.com/p/uQwcLRmZzm/)...

Building a table today in my new Caiman gloves and I'm loving em so far. I can't feel any heat and they go all the way up my forearms and under my elbows! They're made with boar hide in hot spots and deer skin in the fingers so they're pliable and way less bulky! #Caiman #cadillacofgloves #kevlarstitching #buckskin #boarskin #weldingsmostwanted #weldallday #weldeveryday
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Tyler Gray
Sep 16, 2014
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These are some serious gloves. Well constructed, insulated and comfortable.
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Caiman® Store Admin
Jan 10, 2014
The following review was posted by Merc on Amazon.com, dated January 10, 2014, and is marked as an Amazon Verified Purchase (http://www.amazon.com/review/R2XS7GJJVV6NQ6/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B0085JCM1S)...


Typically wearing a large, they fit perfectly. Absolutely no break in period required. Extremely comfortable. Easy on/off without too much hassle.

Perhaps some trouble finding a place to stick them when not wearing them. Running some wire, or other non-flammable material, through the grommets and hanging them off a D-ring on your belt may alleviate this problem.


Insulation pads in forearms really do allow you to rest on hot surfaces while working. it gets hot, but tolerable. Suffice it to say they get rather warm after prolonged work. hands will sweat.

Being a bit oafish and heavy handed I have ruined my off-hand glove thinking I can use it to just flip that piece of hot work over real quick. You don't feel the heat so you think its fine until you look at your glove after a few days and notice a bunch of large, glaring holes in the black portions.

Works great for 4F/4,5,6G, as it seems designed that way.

Watch the black portions as they seem more susceptible to extreme heat/spatter/molten droplets than the yellow portions, I see scarring all over the yellow, but holes pretty much all over the black portions that catch all my spatter. If you're the kind of welder that just doesn't ever produce spatter/molten droplets, even in overhead, then disregard this portion.

Kevlar stitches hold up very well to touching very hot work. A few frayed ends and some portions completely burned away but they don't unravel.


Heat tolerance combined with coverage and flexibility means they work very well for pretty much any job that requires you touching hot work. Baking, cooking, BBQ-ing, fire pits, whatever you can think of. Just don't expect to use them in these situations for long periods of time without suffering some sort of damage to the gloves.
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