Your Opinion Matters

October 17, 2014
Your Opinion Matters

As we move deeper and deeper into the digital world, most savvy consumers check out product reviews prior to making a purchase.  Sure we’ve all seen reviews, and while they aren’t the end-all to a final purchase decision, they can offer a potential buyer an idea of what fellow consumers love or hate about a product. 

You’ll need to use your best judgment when reading reviews.  Statistics show that those who are unhappy about a product are more likely to write a review versus consumers who are happy.  We want to change that.  Adding your voice to the online review system, not just here, but anywhere, gives you the ability to say, ”Hey, my opinion matters too!”  Which is exactly why we are introducing our own Customer Review module.

Approximately 21 days after your order has shipped, you will receive an email with the subject line, “(your name), your opinion matters to Caiman® Store”.  Upon opening the email, you will be asked to spare a few minutes of your time to write a review about the product(s) you recently purchased.  We will list your order details, along with direct link(s) to the item, making the review process even easier.  If you happen to purchase different variants of an item (for example, our #2951 Glove in multiple sizes) the item will be listed multiple times in the email, however, you will only be able to leave one (1) review per item.

To show our gratitude for your time, you can earn 100 Caiman® Rewards Points, and an additional 50 points if you happen to be the first reviewer of a product. That could net you up to $1.50 per product reviewed to which you can use towards future purchase(s).  Points will be added to your account within 24-72 hours after the review has been written.  All reviews are reviewed by us to ensure the stay within the guidelines. 

From time to time, we will share reviews of our products from other sites and post them here on our site.  These reviews do not count as official reviews, meaning, if you see an item that has one (1) review from Caiman Store Admin, and you leave a review, your review will be counted as the first review thus making you eligible for the additional 50 points.


Who can write a review on

Anyone registered as a customer, and who has made a purchase, is eligible to write product reviews for the items purchased. 


What are the Review Guidelines?

The review section is a unique tool designed to help educate and inform future customers about your personal experience with certain products. You are welcome to share your experience, thoughts and comments whether good or bad, but we ask that you please be professional and courteous in doing so.

In general, reviews should be relatively short – a few sentences, and offer some kind of a recommendation if appropriate.  Please note that this is not a complaints board, and should not be used as such.  Your review will be reviewed prior to being posted for approval.

If you have a specific issue with the product you purchased, please use our contact us page ,or via phone at 562-272-2762, so that we can help resolve the issue.  Reviews that are excessively negative, contentious, degrading, or that include profanities will not be approved.


To begin earning your free points, check your emails.  If you don’t receive our email, you can still login to your account and simply visit the products you previously purchased.  Then, click the Review tab to leave your review.  That’s it.

Thanks again for your time and interest in Caiman® branded products.

*Limit one (1) review per item, per customer.



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Please note that this is not a complaints board, and should not be used as such.  Your comment will be reviewed prior to being posted.

If you have a specific issue, please Contact Us directly so that we can help get it resolved.  Comments that are excessively negative, contentious, degrading, or that include profanities will not be approved.

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Rewards Program

Sign up, earn points*, SAVE !!!

Earning points is as easy as...

Register 200 points
Place an order 1 point / $1 spent
Review a product   100 points
First to review  50 points
Show Your Caiman® 100 points 
Complete a Survey 20 points


100 points = $1.00

* Points to be used on future purchases

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