Caiman® Patented Drivers Gloves

September 1, 2020
Caiman® Patented Drivers Gloves

Why did we decide to go and mess with traditional drivers gloves that have been a staple in the industry for years and years?  For the past 3 decades, Caiman Gloves has time and time again revolutionized the industry with unique, unconventional, never-before-seen designs and patterns to maximize comfort, safety and aesthetic value.
We have sold nearly 1,000,000 pairs of traditional drivers gloves.  Sure they fit, are somewhat comfortable, get the job done... but wouldn't you want to enjoy the gloves you're wearing while getting the job done?  That's why we went back to the drawing board and came up with a design so remarkable, we had to patent it.  That's right.  These are one of the first all leather drivers glove that have a design patent.
We started with our trademarked Kontour™ design which conforms to the natural shape of the human hand and provide proper finger alignment.  From there, we added our trademarked Kontour™ thumb which moves the pesky seam away from the contact/wear area allowing for longer life.  A wrap-around palm patch puts durability where it's need most, right in the grip of your hand.  The 2-piece back is aesthetically proper allowing better movement and comfort.  The upper palm area is lined with foam padding for additional protection.  We finish it off with a snap button closure to limit debris to enter the glove, as well as a unique pull-strap and elastic back combo for a secure fit.  We also include one of our convenient 3 inch carabiners to help secure gloves to the leather keyholes for safe keeping.
You have your choice of the following leathers...
  1. Top cow grain leather palm with split leather back
  2. Full cow grain water-repellent leather
  3. Full Genuine American Elk Grain
Whether you're working on DIY projects, farming, gardening, construction, on the ranch, or riding your motorcycle, any of the newly designed drivers gloves won't let you down.  All are made of the highest quality leathers to offer superior puncture and abrasion resistance for the toughest of jobs.  
These aren't your Daddies Drivers Gloves!
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Caiman 1302 - Top Grain Leather, Kontour, DriversCaiman 1304 - Top Grain Leather, Kontour, Water-Repellent, DriversCaiman 1306 - Genuine Elk Grain, Unlined, Kontour, Drivers


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